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God’s Love Revealed Through Jonah June 3, 2005

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The book of Jonah highlights at least three major aspects of God: His Justice, His Mercy and His Love.

God’s Justice in Jonah:

  • Justice: God’s perfect demand for perfect conformity to His Perfection
  • Jonah 1:2 – God demands justice for Nineveh’s wickedness
  • Jonah 1:7 – God points to Jonah as the one at fault for the storm
  • Jonah 1:14 – God demands justice for Jonah’s disobedience

God’s Mercy in Jonah:

  • Mercy: God’s selfless desire to withhold bad and provide good even to those who oppose Him.
  • Jonah 1:17 – God provides a fish to rescue Jonah from the effects of the waves
  • Jonah 2:9-10 – God provides Jonah a second opportunity to obey
    Jonah 3:10 – God gives Nineveh a reprieve from the promised judgment when the city repented
    Jonah 4:6 – God provides the rebellious prophet, Jonah, with shelter from the heat of the sun even when Jonah was exposed due to his own bad attitude

God’s Love in Jonah:

  • Love: God’s perfect desire to communicate and relate to His Creation.
  • Jonah 4:10-11 – God indicates that His Justice created an opportunity for Him to show His Mercy to Nineveh all because of His great Love for His Creation.


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