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Justice + Mercy = Love June 3, 2005

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Justice and Mercy interplay to provide the most perfect expression of God’s Love, as shown in John 3:16 . . . God loved the world enough that He provided His own Son to pay the penalty (a show of Mercy) that His own Justice demanded.

The best way I know to illustrate the relationship between God’s Justice, Mercy and Love is through these two images.

This first one indicates that at the intersection of Justice – the imposition of some set of rules and an expectation that those rules be followed – and Mercy – the willingness to forgive breaches of the rules – is Love. Further, it suggests that without one or the other – Justice or Mercy – Love cannot exist. It is no Love that is simply permissive and never allows the consequences of breaking the rules to be felt. Neither is it Love that only punishes and provides no relief from the strict rule-following.

The second image shows a proportionate relationship between Justice and Mercy. With no Mercy and a heavy emphasis on Justice, the recipient will see it as being harsh. Whereas when the opposite is true, it is seen as lax. Love only comes with an equal dose of Justice and Mercy.



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