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What Brings Repentance? June 21, 2005

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From the examples given in Jonah, we see that repentance follows some “catalyst” – a present or promised judgment from God. For Jonah, it was being inside the guts of the great fish for three days. For Nineveh, it was the doomsday message from Jonah: “Yet 40 days and Nineveh will be overthrown.”

In both cases, repentance was necessary because each was so far removed from God. But being so far removed made it impossible to see, understand and correct the wayward course. It wasn’t until God shook up their worlds that repentance could take place.

Also in both cases, they had the option to ignore the catalyst or do something about it. Had they ignored it, God would have brought or promised increasingly harsher judgement, until at some point, God would deliver a final, life-ending judgement.

Fortunately for both, they responded properly. As a result, both experienced the grace of God.



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