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Objectives for “Fear of God” Study December 5, 2005

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This past Sunday, we started a study on the concept of the fear of God. While I’ve started with an examination of the definition of the word “fear” (specifically the Greek and Hebrew words translated into English as “fear”) I plan to go beyond the definition and understand the meaning and implications of the idea.

My objectives for the study include:

  1. The Definition – The covers what the Bible really says and means by this term. While our focus is on the fear of God, specifically, I fully expect to be aided in understanding by the general use of the word “fear.” This will be foundational to achieving the other objectives of the study.
  2. The Essence – I want to understand the components or the necessary ingredients. If I am to have this fear in my life, what must I pick up, what must I start or stop doing, how must I think?
  3. The Source – Where does this fear come from? Ultimately, I want to learn how to cultivate it in my life.
  4. The Results – I want to understand specifically how my walk with Christ and my life generally is different as a result. Further, I want to be completely aware of the results of this fear’s absence.
  5. The Obstacles – As with most good things, there will be natural hindrances to implementing it in my life. What should I watch out for? How can I address and overcome them? Better yet, how can I avoid them altogether?
  6. The Importance – This will probably be picked up over the course of our study. However, I want to be sure to understand and apply the appropriate importance of this concept, according to Scripture. I don’t want to overemphasize its importance if it is a minor concept nor to I want to be nonchalant about it if the Scripture shows it to be a top priority.

As with most lessons I teach, this one is driven by own curiosity and a deep belief that this is an overlooked, yet very significant concept in Scripture. Realizing that, you may have some additional thoughts or questions you’d like to add to this list of objectives. Please share them – I sincerely want this study to be a help to you.



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