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The Cause of the Fear of God February 12, 2006

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Drawing from the example of Isaiah (Isaiah 6:1-4), we see that the fear of God begins when we truly glorify and honor God — when we see Him high and lifted up.

But our human minds with physical perception beg the question: “How in the world can we do that?” I have often wondered, how can we see God in that way; isn’t that just a bunch of spiritual mumbo jumbo?

Spiritual, yes. Mumbo, jumbo, not so much, if the Bible is true. But we can’t possibly expect to see God in this way on our own. Our physical eyes are limited to this physical world. And even if they weren’t, we are tainted by the burden of sin. So we need some outside help.

According to II Corinthians 3:18, this spiritual sight is only enabled by the Holy Spirit. And Jeremiah 32:40 further suggests that the whole source of the fear of God is God Himself (“I will put my fear in your heart”).

Starting in Isaiah 6:5, we see proof that this proper view of God is truly the cause of the fear of God as we see Isaiah exhibiting the results.



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