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The Results of the Fear of God in Saints February 12, 2006

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Once we move through the results of the fear of God in sinners (seen in Isaiah 6:5-8), we can then enjoy the results of the fear of God as saints (seen in Isaiah 6:7-13). But it very important to note that salvation is a pre-requisite for experiencing these results. Without salvation, any endowment of the fear of God will result in the list of results noted for sinners. Then, and only then, can we move into the experiences of the saints.

The first result is TRANSFORMATION. In Isaiah 6:7, we see the sinful prophet changed from a man of unclean lips to one declared purified. A believer who has the fear of God in his heart will first and foremost be different … changed from the carnality of this world into a right standing with God.

The second result is ACTION. Just as Isaiah was asked to work for God in verse 8, all Christians must expect God to call them to some spiritual task. To do otherwise is to be faking the fear of God. Please note the example of Jesus and His disciples: while He demanded action of them (sending them throughout the countryside witnessing), He equipped them appropriately. While we will be required to act, we must be prepared to look to God for our resources.

The third result is SACRIFICE. We read a somewhat cryptic message in verses 9-13 that God asks Isaiah to give to Israel. But the gist of it is that God is turning His back on His chosen people — only for a time, to be sure; but turning nonetheless. This is a far cry from the easy message of prosperity and God’s blessing that any prophet would love to relay. This was a message that meant sacrificing personal credibility, acceptance and potentially even comfort … all to satisfy the One he feared: God.



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