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The Results of the Fear of God in Sinners February 12, 2006

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Moving the next few verses in Isaiah 6 (vs. 5-8), we can see that seeing God as high and lifted up — in His rightful position … the cause of a true fear of God — produces certain results in someone who is unregenerate (an unsaved person who has yet to accept Christ’s death and shed blood as payment for sin).

The first result is REVELATION. Certainly, this is the cause of the fear in the first place. But this revelation is more than simply seeing God (an awesome fact in itself). As a result of the fear of God being in place, this revelation is seeing God for what He is and seeing ourselves for what we aren’t.

The second result is CRYING OUT. The sinner sees God as the only solution to his miserable condition. Just as Isaiah cries out “Woe is me!” so will the sinner cry out to God once God is revealed and his own sin is shown. The sinner will want to please this God whom he now fears and knows that only God can make that happen.

The third result is REDEMPTION. Just as Jesus said, we can look to God and live. Paul also noted in Romans that we must but believe and confess. The point is that the redemption is readily available. Don’t confuse that with the redemption being cheap, however. In the Isaiah passage, redemption comes by way of a symbolic searing of the lips with a hot coal. While the pain and suffering was taken by Jesus on the cross and not required of us, the pain is just as real as it was for Isaiah.

The fourth result is a NEW WALK. After redemption is provided, the sinner cannot and will not simply say thank you and walk away. He will do as Isaiah did in verse 8 and readily answer the call of God to do whatever … everything from living a different kind of life to doing great tasks, if so requested.



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