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How to Know Sound Doctrine June 20, 2006

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You can download a recording of this lesson (in windows media format)

Some would suggest that knowing the truth isn’t possible. Instead, they argue that since we can’t really know who’s right and who’s wrong, we should just focus on loving one another and put aside differences. While that sentiment is very gracious and hopeful, it is, unfortunately, not Biblical.

Scripture gives three steps to knowing the truth.

  1. Read the Bible. John 8:31-32 and II Timothy 2:15. If we want to know truth, there is but one source: God’s Word. To know truth, we must read out Bibles. Seeking truth elsewhere may result in disappointment.
  2. Listen to the Holy Spirit. I John 2:20-21, 27. One of the ministries of God’s Spirit is to illuminate Scripture. If I approach Scripture as just another book, as just some text to be analyzed like some self-help book and never listen to the leading of the author, I am likely to miss the truth. But, according to the Bible, we know the truth because it is made clear by the spirit.
  3. Obey it. John 7:17-18, Proverbs 1:23. It is not enough to simply read the Bible. Nor is it even enough to listen to Spirit. But God reserves His truth to those who are willing to obey it. Again, we must rightly handle God’s Word. Approaching it academically will result in academic study … not the life-changing revelation of truth it is intended to be. That only comes by diligent reading, Holy Spirit sensitivity and an obedient heart.


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