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Jesus: The God-Man September 7, 2006

Posted by mjtilley in Bible Doctrines, Jesus Christ, salvation.

This past Sunday, Brian covered one of the more important, yet more mind-boggling aspects of Jesus — the fact that He was 100%, totally God while being 100%, totally human.  This is called Jesus’ Deity and Humanity

I am so glad that Jesus is not some lesser deity, some smallish god sent to do the dirty work of the more potent gods.  No!  He was and is God holding on to every attribute and characteristic of God, claiming and owning equality with the Father.  Anything less and His sacrifice on the cross would have been as effective as the death of the theives beside of Him. 

I am also so glad that Jesus had the humility to take on this dirty humanity, to walk among us, to teach us, to model perfection to us and to suffer the agonies of the flesh.  Anything less and He would have been unable to suffer, to bleed, to die for me on the cross … to suffer the ultimate separation from God by taking on the sins of the world!  And beyond His redemptive capabilites, Jesus can be so sympathetic to me and my suffering and sin.  He is a loving and sympathetic High Priest.  Finally, what a lesson in humility: Jesus, who was and is equal with The Father, nonetheless obeyed the direction of the Father and became even lower than the created angels … an all because He loved me!

Lord … May I be ever mindful of the sacrifice that You both required and gave to reconcile my depraved humanity with Your holy righteousness,  Thank you ever so much for the ultimate expression of love, humility and righteousness that Your Son dying on the cross of Calvary represents.  I pray that You forgive us for ever thinking we can do anything in our own power and ever being so bold as to ignore or shun the efficacious shedding of blood.  I beg that You use us to lift up Christ and in so doing, allow us to be co-laborers with You in drawing men to yourself. 



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